Restroom Etiquette

Alright so you’re probably thinking what on earth is she talking about. We are all polite when we use the restroom…. Well yes, the general population is… However I did have an interesting experience this past weekend. I was in the Cheesecake Factory in Wayne, NJ. I went to the restroom. I stepped inside and politely asked the woman waiting in front of the stalls if she was waiting. She replied “yes” nothing else….. However the first stall was open… so I politely asked again “are you waiting?” her response was “yes i am waiting for my daughter”. Well clearly I didn’t ask the right question…”are you waiting for a open stall” or ” I am sorry are you waiting for someone or for a stall?? Who asks such a question these days? Seriously?? Well when I left I had an even more excited encounter. I went to the sink to wash my hands. However it was a bit difficult, you see there were two teens who decied that since they got so dressed up for the occuasion that they need to take a self portrait pics with their iphones in front of the sink and mirror. Nevermind the folks who would like to practice good hygiene….. No the kissy phones, and posing was much more important… Who cares if there is someone who wants to wash their hands…..

Exhibit A……

Me and my bike

It’s a bit funny sometimes how our hobbies and interest change after time.. So my recent past time/hobby/exercise kick has been biking. I bought a bike back in 2011 in PA, Lancaster actually which is funny. In Amish country I bought a bike. They don’t actually use bikes there to be honest… Anyways getting back to biking….. I have been biking more than last summer at least I think so. Its so strange that I have this craving to go biking… Sometimes I find myself thinking okay if i pack the bike into the car and bring my biking clothing, I can go straight from work. I have indeed done this at least once or twice now. Last week I rode for 6 miles I think non stop… I was really proud of myself for doing that. I remember last year I would take more breaks but this year I find that I take less. Angel says I have more stamina for it that last year. Funny thing is last year I weighed at least 15 lbs less! Haha! Anyways biking is not a relaxing sport when you think about it… In order to move the bike you must be the one moving the pedals… I am not a real walking fan or runner by any means so I am happy that I can bike…. It’s also interesting to me when I add music I seem even more motivated to move my legs. I am very lucky to have a great husband who lets me ride in front and set the pace… I think it’s a secretive ploy to make me go faster because I find that I do ! Anyway, I am by no means at the level of my husband… I am need the flat, paved path! Well it’s not too bad on my last ride I averaged 9.0 miles per hour..that at least 1 mph faster than about 3 weeks ago! Well I don’t have a bike gadget yet to track my speed I do have a app! It’s called Strava, it’s kinda cool for being a free one. It tells you speed and distance and elevation. You can also save your trip and see how you rank against others. So after my 13 mile ride I check the app and I came in 9 out of 10… Not bad for a casual bike rider haha! For the segment I did it in 38.42 mins at 9.3 mph. The number one was 14.9 mph in 23.59 mins. So that me even prouder!

We have been to a number of places for biking….
1. Duck Pond in Ridgewood, NJ
2. Rockland Lake, Congers NY
3. Memorial Lake, Congers NY
4. Walk over the Hudson Bridge Poughkeepise, NY
5. Highlands Rail Trail, Highlands, NY
6. Wallkill Rail Trail, Wallkill, NY
7. Dutchess County Rail Trail, Newburgh NY

I also can’t forget my favorite accessories!! I highly recommend a bell for your bike, a backpack for water (it’s so much easier drinking that way!) and a cargo net and a platform on the back for your bike so you can carry stuff!!!

Hope you enjoyed my adventures in biking…. Here are some pics of our adventures!










My father….

So I am sure most of you know who this is…. It’s my father… He passed away more than 15 years ago….Sometimes I admit that I forget about him…I wonder if that’s bad… but then I think no it’s okay because that means I am confident he is doing well and I don’t need to worry about him… I often wish I could talk to him one last time…. I wonder what I would say…. Then I think I don’t have to talk to him because he can see me from up there. He can see all the wonderful things I have done in his memory. As my father’s brothers and friends have always told me he would be so proud of you… “you have kept his memory alive but visiting us and sending us postcards and keeping touch. You have carried on his friendship and love through you…..”

“Always in our hearts”
Dieter Betten – July 6, 1995

I love you and miss you daddy….


Hiding out…not any more!

I am sure some of you are wondering where have I have been….. I am here still in the US still in NY… still married to the best man on earth Angel (yes that’s his real first name). I guess I have been in a bit of a funk… or a long funk if you will.. I am hoping to get out of this funk sooner rather than later… In order to help me get out of this funk… I am debating if I should make a commitment to have one post a week….I can be anything from a quote and my thoughts on it, a story, a picture…just something. I think I am trying to go back to why I created this page.. If I remember well enough it was because I wanted to share my experiences with the world about moving back to the US..

So will you help me by encouraging me….. tell me what to write about, photography, give me some inspiration… I promise I will return something worth looking at or reading about…..

Hope you all are well!

Besos des de NY


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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