Elevator Etiquette at work??

So is it wrong when you step into an elevator that someone asks you the floor you are going to? Should you ask when people enter the elevator you are in?

I stepped into the elevator at work today and the person inside did not ask me what floor. So I had to reach in front of her and press the button myself. I guess the funniest part was that she dropped her cell phone and almost everything else that she was carrying…. So maybe if she pressed my floor her phone would not have fallen??
What is elevator etiquette ???
In Europe people say hello to each other when they enter and goodbye when they leave…….
In the US we…..


  Where does one find motivation? Is it only when you have something very important in your life that you can find it? I’m having a lot of trouble finding my motivation lately. How can I be motivated? What motivates me? Why can’t I find my motivation? I can’t seem to answer any of these questions lately.  I wish it was as easy as a magic spell but it’s not… I am disappointed in myself because I know I found it once before last year for my wedding. Since then I haven’t been able to locate it. I don’t know maybe I should have but a tracking device on it. You know like a really expensive GPS . What would that cost be?? Priceless right? Hahaha… I think to myself I did last year so what’s different this time? Well there is no big party, white wedding dress, cameras, lights and action. However we are talking about my health so it should be enough motivation right? Nope, not enough for me, but the why is bugging me more. Some mornings I wake up and say today I start, today is the day. Then like an idiot I let things get to me and fall down and keep falling.  Like this cartoon says “M” the letter of motivation. Shouldn’t it be at the beginning of the alphabet so that we can remember it better?

Any ideas what exit it is on the highway of life?

Spring Cleaning

Why is it that we always clean out our closest and drawers in spring?? We never hear of winter cleaning do we? So why spring? Maybe it’s because we are getting ready for summer and we want to buy new things and shed the old.   Or is because we want to make everything nice , neat and organized? I highly doubt it’s the latter!  Well that is unless you are a perfectionist like me! I find  doing spring cleaning is a monumental task which requires a lot of sacrifice and a lot of trash bags!

Well here in Spain they do recycle yes I know it’s hard to believe but they do. So that means I have to separate all of my trash into nice little piles: plastics, paper, glass and well of course nothing of the above normal waste.  However that’s when you are throwing things to the trash.

If I am not throwing away things that can be used by someone else?  I think that the sorting process is very difficult. When is it okay to throw away  or donate something that was a gift ? A purse perhaps that was a gift? What does one do if  said  purse is not loved anymore or used? Donate it to a friend? What if you donate it to a friend and later that friend is seen carrying that bag by the original giver? Hmmmm  Trash it ? Well if it can be used that’s not right there is enough trash in the world! Remember doesn’t really fit into my piles,  Paper, plastic, glass and well other! So what is the appropriate time length?? I have always wondered. 5 years 10 years? It’s hard to tell right?  I have been doing my spring cleaning and I have found a scarf that I have had since 2000. I have officially decided that it will go to donation! It’s just too long 11 years!  A friend once told me if you haven’t worn or used it in the last two months then well it’s for donation or tossing Honey!


My best advice is put on your ipod best songs mix and spend the day going through a mini life journey and toss or donate what you don’t need! Someones’s trash is someone else’s treasure!!